Our Mission

Who We Are

MPowering People Foundation is an international, independent non-profit organization created in the Netherlands in 2003. We are a truly global organization, with a director in the Netherlands, team members in Belgium, and an on-site operational and management team in León, Nicaragua.

Since 2015, MPowering People has had an educational partner organization, Diacachimba (“fantastic”). Diacachimba is a headquartered in Kuurne, West-Vlaanderen. This organization offers additional support for educational and entrepreneurial projects for disadvantaged families in and around the city of León.


Our goal is to empower people in the communities where we work to learn, grow and build better lives for themselves. We seek to accomplish this goal in three ways:

  1. Learn – We want to increase access to education for children of all ages.
  2. Grow – We seek to create pathways to better livilihoods for women and families in our communities, as well as our recent graduates.
  3. Build – We invest in projects that help strengthen our communities as a whole. We currently are building a new community center in Tamarindo.


  • Empowerment: We will work with and for the people we serve.
  • Teamwork: We will take every opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experience with fellow team members.
  • Respect: We will treat every person with the kindness and respect they deserve.
  • Transparency: We will carefully, responsibly and openly manage the financial resources entrusted to us.
  • Unity: We will uphold our mission and vision through both our words and actions.


Harrie Franssen – Legal Representative, Nicaragua
Philip Vertriest – President and CEO
Ingrid Flores – Local Director

The Netherlands
Dorien Van Schie – Founder and Fundraising Executive

Johan Bossuyt – Legal Representative, Belgium